Wednesday, December 31, 2008

goodbye 2008

Hello 2009! I have major goals for this pretty new year. I'll post them tomorrow. For now I just like remembering this past year. A few major moments stick out. The biggest of which was fully surrendering myself to full time ministry and thus taking the plunge and enrolling in Liberty University Online. It's been an interesting semester, but I finished on top and am deeply encouraged about the upcoming semesters. The other major moment was Scott and I making choices to better our family and marriage. Most are too personal to go into, but all have had the same amazing result. We're a stronger couple, with a stronger family, and more deeply rooted faith in the power of God to heal everything we lay at His feet. Yep, 2008 has been full of happy, difficult, irritating, awesome, ecstatic, sad, heartbreaking, strengthening, encouraging, and dissapointing moments. 2009 holds the promise of the same, but also a deep resounding feeling of hope. God has stirred me with hope this season and I can't wait to see what He's got in store. I know my plans for this upcoming year, I can't wait to find out what His plans are!

What about you friends? (and lurkers, I know you're out there! :) ) What sticks out most about 2008? What are you hoping for most from 2009?

So long 2008!

Happy New Year, friends!

(time to get ready for a *teensy* get together, hope your night is full of friends, food, family, and fun! and of course, a kiss from your sweetie!)