Tuesday, December 2, 2008

parade pics

Abilene's annual Christmas parade was held tonight. The boys LOVED it. This year we decided not to ride on the church float and instead watch the parade as a family. We had a great time. The boys loved getting to see all the floats and getting candy from the Marines, AHS Cheerleaders, Cowboys (HSU students), and many others. Their favorite was, of course, Santa Clause, but the APD and AFD were a very close second. It was really fun to not be in the hustle of kids and float deco and just sit and enjoy the parade. It was an hour long, and jam packed with lights, music, and plenty of Merry Christmases to go around. Here are some pics from tonight. Enjoy! *all of the Trinity pics are of kiddos and adult from our church, aren't they sweet!*

Dano waiting for the parade to begin.

Santa kicked the parade off, and yes, oh yes, he looked straight at my screaming boys and smiled reallllly big and waved. Might have been the hightlight of the night if the AFD hadn't come right behind Santa and wailed on their horn :) .

Your eyes do not deceive you, this is a giant grocery shopping cart done by HEB. Everyone applauded and laughed when this one came down the route. Too cool. :)

The Trinity floats. The first is of our bus that picks kids up on Sunday morning. The second is Charlie Underwoods racecar; he races every other week I believe, but the kids LOVE when he brings the car for them to look at and sit in. The third is a train built by one of our members.