Monday, December 8, 2008

I am upset today

On the news for the past several days they've reported a story about a foster mother being arrensted for sexually assaulting her foster son. DNA results have proven her newborn child is the product of the abuse. Where does someone even get the idea that something like this is okay? What happened in her mind to make her think it was allright to do something like this? Many times news stories can be explained away for one reason or another. But this one I can not reconcile with. It's wrong. Flat out, plain wrong. One of my deepest desires is for us to become foster parents. We pray about it, think about it all the time, talk about "someday" often. It's unbelievalbe to me that someone who signed on to protect this child from something like this, ended up being the one to do the worst damage to this child. And why? For what? This child will now be sent to yet another foster home with yet another spotlight shining down on him. Do people not think about children anymore? Do adults forget that the decisions they make affect their children as well? Last weeks news just about sent me over the edge. Three reports in a row about 3 seperate children being abused either sexually or physically. It makes me sick. What is going on in the world that makes attacking young children a "typical day in the news"? What's happening to children in our community is sickening. The forgotten, the hungry, the lonely, the abused - I can not stand it anymore. I can not hear another story about an abused or neglected child and not do something. God's stirring His purpose in me and I'm on fire for it. We have got to stand up for these kids. They are defenseless. What's happening to them is not their fault. It's the fault of adults who've given up their responsibilities for whatever makes the moment for them. I see too many hurting kids every Sunday morning to hold back anymore. These children need love. REAL love. Jesus love.