Thursday, August 16, 2007

boil your water

That's what they are telling us tonight and now the town is in a frenzy for bottled water. Something about there not being enough chlorine in our water and now there is a possibility of micro-organisms in our water system. On the news tonight they showed people loading up carts FULL of bottled water because they have said they think this could last for days, maybe weeks. Ick! And do you know that neither myself or my husband thought to go get bottled water? What were we thinking? We were thinking we'd just boil what we needed. We did decide however that it would be a much safer precaution to go ahead and get bottled water. The question was, where could we find some? All 3 news stations said the stores were sold out. So we said a short prayer and picked up the phone. The first store we called didn't have any. Second store... they had JUST gotten some in off a truck that probably drove several hours to get it here and we'd need to come right then if we would even have a shot at one case. So into the car went Scott and right now, at 10:38 p.m. he's at Wal-Mart grabbing up the last 2 cases of bottled water. How crazy. Of course I am planning on patting him on the back when he gets home for a job well done! :) But it's got me thinking. We've got to have water to live, why hadn't I thought of a single back-up plan for situations like this? Contaminated water is just something I never thought of.

Contaminated life is something many of us never think of either. How many are out there living with contaminated lives. Full of things we shouldn't see, shouldn't read, shouldn't eat, shouldn't drink.... the list could go on. The world is full of it's own contaminating micro-organisms that can do far more damage to our eternal lives than maybe we ever realized. What do we do to clean it up? How do we escape from all the contaminants that fill our daily lives? For Christians the answer is Jesus. We're simply not contaminated anymore. Washed clean by the shed blood of Jesus. Praise His name. But what about those who don't know Him? What about those who wear the contaminants like garments? When do they realize there is another option? When do they see the fresh spring one hill over from the dirty mud-hole? They see it when we show it, Sisters. I wouldn't have realized there was another water option had I not seen people stockpiling their shopping carts with bottled water and saying to my husband, "now they've got something we need!". Do people say that about my Jesus? Do they see me and say, "now she's got something we need". Oh Father how I hope they do! I hope they see that You are the fresh water, bottled and ready to be set free in their lives. I want them to see the well, springing up in me! Let them seek out the clean water, Lord, and let them reach up and take hold of the only uncontaminated being to ever walk this earth.

Inspiration from a "boil you water" alert... only by His grace.