Wednesday, August 8, 2007

God shines

Well Scott didn't have today off, won't have a day off this week, but you know what? I'm okay with it. God is so awesome. I had to just sit and clap for a while, even cheered. Scott got home at lunch time today and we have spent the better part of the afternoon and evening having family time. What a blessing. I love my man and I love my boys and I can't think of anything better than spending the last 4 hours in the pool playing with my family. That's exactly what we just did. And now we're going to order pizza and veg out while watching Chicken Little.

Sweet Lord can it get any better? I'm blessed beyond anything I've ever deserved.

Blessed. Blessed. Blessed.

Girls I just need to shout out how much I love Him.

God is awesome. I'll post pics of our pool time later. I'm off to spend some more time with my men!


mandy said...

loved your profile pic in the LPM comments... so thought i'd stop by to say HEY and check out your blurb blog.
blessings today