Thursday, August 30, 2007


Oh girls!!! We've GOT to go!


Shonda said...

That's a year away! I dont know if I can wait that long! I want to go and I want to go now!!!!!!!

I want to go. Let do it!!

Shelly said...

I'll be there!

And did you not just crack up at this thing! lol

Bev Brandon said...

Your LPL comment caught my eye as I saw you were 4 hours away from LPL 08/08 and so am I--- in F.W. So I came to your blog to see where you lived and...oh my! Jen...what a heart you have for your amazing God. His beautiful Name is all over your blog...His Presence is all over you. Listened to the Hillsong with tears streaming down hands held high loving Him loving that song I'd never heard. This is a post I have to stop...but let me just say are absolutely adorable and I just loved reading through your blog---your heart for Him is so very precious! Your blog blessed me! And then that precious Shelly girl shows up on your post and I had been looking for her cause I have been praying for her and don't even know her---small world...i'll have to blog her...sorry for long post...just had to say to you that your blog touched parts of my soul this a.m.

Heather said...

I am so there! She made me crack up for sure!