Tuesday, August 7, 2007


I'm tired of work. Not mine, but hubbies. He has been working 13.5 hour shifts every day for two weeks now. We only see him about 2 hours each day. And just when we thought he was out of those hours for a little bit, one of his co-workers got into some trouble and won't be there for a few weeks. Sigh. So again, he's having to cover extra shifts. It makes for a good pay-check, but a lonely house. The boys miss him, bawled today when he had to go in 3 hours early. Just makes things really hard when he's gone so much. But I know that he's working hard for us and it's giving me a new look on my job here at home. I'm not so grumbly (if that's a word) about cleaning the house or putting away dishes, or even ironing his work shirts. I know that I am blessed to get to stay home with my boys and spend time watching them grow. And I also know the only reason I'm blessed to do that, is because my husband is willing to work so hard. I appreciate so much the sacrifices he makes. I just wish sometimes the it didn't mean sacrificing so much time with him when things get tough at work. His promotion is with reach, will be happening this month. And he knows that all the hard work and extra hours are going to be worth it when he does get promoted. I'm so proud of him! He had to take a test, 100 questions half multiple choice, half essay. In order to even be considered for a promotion you can only miss 10 out of the 100 questions, and that includes the essay part. He did great! He only missed 5 questions! So now they're pushing him through his final book (and I do mean PUSHING!) so that he can be promoted by the end of the month. It's really awesome to see him working so hard towards this goal. So yes, he puts in long hours and yes we don't see him much these days, but I know in the end God will bless us for this time of sacrifice. And God is good to us while Scott is away. In fact today the boys I will be making some banana bread. One loaf for us, one for Nana, and one for the people Scott works with. They're all having to sacrifice time with family right now due to the 2 managers that are gone (one fired, one dealing with personal stuff), and so we want to minister to them in whatever way we can. And though he won't say it, it also makes Scott feel good to have something from home at work with him. (to be honest he loves the compliments on what a great cook his wife is, and how nice it was of him to bring them something. but who doesn't right?) So I'm going to go mash some "naners" with my boys and pray that Scott will still have tomorrow off. He needs it, and so do we. :)

Thanks girls for listening to me whine. Each and every one of you that read this and pray for our family encourages me more than you know. These past few days (and more to come) while being surrounded by my boys, it's nice to know that I can come here and have a safe place to "talk" and ask for prayer. You are all amazing women, and I'm blessed to call you friends.


Shonda said...

Sounds like you're a great supporting wife for your husband. I'm sure he appreciates all the extras you do, such as the banana bread and ironed work clothes. Keep your smile on! :)
Before you know it, this will be history.
Blessings in Christ!

Leigh Gray said...

kind of like going into the homestretchof pregnancy - this too shall pass. that never helped to hear that as i was sitting around big as a whale with 4 or 6 weeks to go!!! But guess what - it did pass. I know He is smiling down on oyu for how you are coping and supporting your man. Blessing my friend - you better watch out because He is going to pour them out for your obedience!!! can't wait to hear about it all!

have a good one!

Mxlady said...

This is tuff on everyone. Hope this is temp. The other mgr that is in trouble needs to be replaced as well as the one that was fired. It isn't fair to the other employees having to hold up their position also. I have a huge pet peve here. (as you can tell) Eddie is out in this 85% humidity and all the hours and while I appreciate it I am also selfish I want him home. Working class I wish there were another way but am very thankful God has been so good to us at the same time. We will say a prayer that your hubby gets some family time soon. Call if I can help you!