Wednesday, August 22, 2007

i've been tagged!

And I love it! I feel so honored, and so humbled! Shonda, one of my new blogging friends tagged me with this award. It was so so sweet of her to think of me. We found each other through the LPM blog and I have been blessed by her ever since. :) If I hadn't gotten this from her, she would have been the top person on my list to send it to! :) If you have not visited her blog, click on her name and take a look. We share a passion in ministry in which she is truly blessed and called for. Thank you Siesta for this fun award. You are too sweet for words!

So in the tradition of this award, I'm now supposed to tag 4 special gals to pass this on to. So here goes. I am tagging Debra, one of the most special ladies God has placed in my life. I can not define our relationship as merely friends because she is a true sister. A sister in Christ and I love her dearly. My second tag goes to Dar, a really sweet woman and good friend of mine from church. She is as good as they come and I love her bunches! My third tag is Shelly, we have not met and I've only just begun to read her blog, but I'm hooked. My final tag goes to Chrissy, another of my close friends from church. She actually just moved to Amarillo and accepted a teaching job there. (Maybe this will get her to update her blog! :) ) Love you Chrissy!

So good luck ladies, and Congrats!

And thank you again Shonda, you are such a sweet sweet gal!


Anonymous said...

Hi Jen,
I read your comment on the LPM blog (8-23)and just wanted you to know that I've added you to my list of writers for whom I pray every day. I too am working on my first book - relevant fiction based on Bible fact. I've been at this for almost three years now, and hope to have the first book in the trilogy ready by the end of the year. Take a look at 1 Corinthians 2:13. You'll like this verse.
Take care, and know that I'm praying that your writing will be anointed and blessed by God.
Blessings to you,