Thursday, October 11, 2007

the boy did good

Ah yes, my son the star! David will be receiving a really neat award at school tomorrow. He had been given the "Star Student" award and there will be a ceremony and reception tomorrow at school. Each six-weeks teachers pick one student who has been a "star" student for the entire six-weeks. They'll have an assembly and announce the students one by one and read a short letter that each recipients teacher has written about them. Then they'll get their award and have cookies and kool-aid after all the awards are handed out. I can't wait! I've allready got my camera ready with fresh batteries, and have an extra set tucked away just in case. Maybe a little over-zealous you might say, but hey, I'm durn proud of my kiddo ya'll! He's been so excited about school and loves getting to go each day. He loves his teacher, his class, his friends, loves it all. Well except the lunches, but who among us hasn't hated cafeteria food at one point. :) I am so stinkin proud of my boy! I'll be sure to post pics of his award moment tomorrow afternoon! They may be a little shaky, I'm a bawl-bag at stuff like this. LOL!


Leigh Gray said...

congrats - that is so sweet - we sure want to see pictures!!! yeah for you and him!!!