Monday, October 1, 2007

mother's day out

Well the boy will be starting Mother's Day Out next week. I am really excited about it. I have been pretty stressed over the past few weeks and have been finding it hard to get some "me" time. So I called and the class has ONE open spot and if we want it, it's ours. So he's signed up and will go every Tuesday from 9:00 - 2:30. And now that it's set and he's in... I have to admit I'm feeling some guilt. False guilt, but it's there none the less. I know to be a good mother I have to take care of myself, and being stressed out most of the day doesn't do any of us any good. So I know that's a plus. I just feel a bit guilty that I'm doing this more for me than for Daniel. He will love it, I have no doubt. I had a choice to either do Music day or Motor Lab day and I didn't even think twice. The boy loves music. With a passion more on fire than mine, the boy LOVES his music. I guess it's just that I haven't ever sent him to something like this. I know we both need it though, so we're excited! And the best part is that his Moms Day Out class will be at the same church that our Wednesday BSF is at. So he'll be in the same place both days. It's worked out great and so I guess instead of allowing false guilt to cloud this fun day, I'm going to put on some music and praise God for working this all out in the span of 4 hours. Man, He is FAST! Pray for deliverance from stress and, BAM - here it is.

What will I do with my time?? All of you that have had kids in Mother's Day Out... what did you do? Clean house? Read? Shop? Gimme some ideas!


Bev Brandon @ The Fray said...

i know one thing jen will be doing...meditating on the word of God!...i am doing breaking free right now so i am in judges 6...and i think 6:12 is on you...and i think 6:17 is for you that God is talking to you and you will bring to others in the ways your good God has blessed you, my dear Jen...and on MDO days, you'll be doing Isaiah 61:1 you'll be busy binding up the brokenhearted and releasing friends from darkness...and you'll have a blast finding your God in your day and enjoying all God brings your Starbucks and stuff...i think you got something on that meditation thing---stick with of terrific things that happened to me during MDO

Shonda said...

Hey Jen,
Thanks for the kind comment. I havent ever had MDO, but have scheduled play dates. I used the time to do things I'd rather not have a child in tow. Such as having coffee with a friend, hair appointments, shopping for gifts, shopping for new clothes or even grocery shopping without the "Mommy will you buy me this?" questions. Take care of yourself.

Blessings in Christ--