Monday, October 22, 2007

my weekend in photos

So we had a very busy weekend! (and stressful, but it's getting better) Friday night we had a fall festival at David's school. Didn't get to take pics cause I worked the cake walk. The other ladies working it with me decided it would be fun to have the kids dance for cakes.... Sigh. I'm sorry girls. I had to do it. The "Macarena" came on. I'm so glad my child wasn't watching. I might have scared him. I scared myself. But I had a great time doing it! The on Saturday I took the boys to Boo at the Zoo. We had a great time! The line was insane but didn't take too long and once inside we had a blast! The boys got to see all the zoo animals and hit up almost every candy booth. They came home with halfway filled buckets of candy! (good loot too!) :) And then on Sunday David's class at church won a picnic for reciting the most Bible verses, and so we went after church to the park for hot dogs and swings. It was a great time despite the 90 mph winds we Texans are so fond of. Sigh. Big hair and Texas really DO go hand in hand. Okay, so here are some pics from our fun fun weekend!

praise the Lord I can finally have two Spidermen!

and here they are taking a candy break...

this is David (right) at the picnic with his friend Jeb (left)

and this is my favorite photo of the weekend. this is Daniel playing on the playground Sunday afternoon. I'm not sure why I like it so much. maybe the angle or all the clean lines... can't quite put my finger on it, but I love it.


Shonda said...

How precious are the little ones!
Yes we got the winds south of you on Monday. Nice cool weather!
Blessings in Christ--