Tuesday, October 2, 2007

dancing with the stars

Does anyone else watch this? I am hooked. Watched ever since season one. This season though is my favorite! (cept I think Wayne Newton needs to GO) Sabrina Bryan is on fire! She gets those legs moving and, watch out folks! Do you watch? Do you have a favorite? I just love seeing celebs get out of their zone and do something new. It's going to be a great season! Although poor Kim Johnson having to teach Mark Cuban to dance... let's just say the rhythm didn't get him.

What do you think about the show?


Bev Brandon said...

hey, i am right with you...i never noticed that my posts were up or down...who knows?...i just love what you say...no matter where i find it---hey, doesn't matter to me...thankyouthankyou

Bev Brandon said...

jen---THIS IS A SCREAM...the reason why that comment is at the top cause THAT POST IS DELETED...I ACCIDENTALLY POSTED MY ENTIRE E-MAIL MAILBOX ALONG WITH ALL MY PASSWORDS AND ALL MY PRIVATE MAIL I HAVE EVER SAVED...I COULDN'T GET IT OFF FAST ENOUGH!!! ONLY MY HUSBAND COULD FIND THAT COMMENT cause he never posts anything---you are right they are at bottom...talk about BLOG BLUNDERS...i was sweating a few minutes...

I LOVE DANCING W/ STARS...Emmitt Smith was one of my favs cause I love the humble guy and he became a Christian a few years ago, he said....i like his attitude and he wasn't half bad...love the show!