Monday, October 29, 2007

we danced. in church.

To the glory of God ya'll, tonight we danced! This will be a short post as it's 12:30 a.m. here but oh my goodness I have to tell you the joy my sweet God gave me tonight. Let me pause here and say, please read my earlier post! You'll catch the fever that is pure joy. Tonight we danced. Moonwalked. Lawnmowered (oh ya'll should have seen that!). Shook our booties to the beat of the Holy Spirit! I mean it. We danced and delighted in it! I even managed to get some of our more "conservative" folks to dance! Wanna know why?? Tonight at Judgement House we witnessed.... *drumroll inserted here* 18 (eighteen, ya'll!) people come to know Christ as their savior. Eighteen more new brothers and sisters in Christ were welcomed into the flock tonight. I was a giggling, smiling, bubbling, crazy woman by the time the night was over and I had to stop and dance a little with the PAH-TAY I knew was taking place in Heaven. Oh my goodness. It was so awesome! A couple of people laughed at me, but I told them... "if you can't give God some awesome praise for 18 salvations, something is wrong!" So we all did a little bootie-shakin' for Jesus tonight! Even got one guy to do the lawnmower with me. My Pastor may now think I'm certifiable, but my God just loved it! 18 souls saved in 3 hours. God is GOOD!

I'm still smiling. Still crying. Still loving on my Jesus. Oh the awesome joy He brings us. Brings me. I am so madly, deeply, over the moon for this guy.


Shonda said...

Praise the Lord! Eighteen souls for His kingdom! We should dance, shout and rejoice!

Blessings in Christ--

BTW--I look forward to meeting you in August. Sometimes, I drive through Abilene going to Dallas. If I pass through your area before next August, I'll let you know.

Anonymous said...

Checking on you, and still praying for you..sorry I am not good at those math puzzles...:( but I am good at lifting a siesta up! Been thinking about you and glad you got to dance! Princess to Princess

Shelly said...

lol! I love that you did the lawnmower in Jesus' worthy name!