Monday, July 23, 2007

the day wore on

Well the day did get a bit better. I ended up taking them to McD's so they could play and wear off some of that energy. It worked for a bit, but the one we're babysitting didn't take a nap and wasn't very pleasant in the afternoon. But God is good, it was an early pick up. :) My oldest didn't take a nap either and he wasn't much fun this evening. So I borrowed advice from those that commented on my earlier post. Tomorrow is play-group day. :) I think this morning we were all tired and cranky. Tomorrow will be better I can feel it. I'm claiming calmness, and I know that God will be faithful to give it. And I'm also claiming peaceful rest for all of us tonight. I spent some quiet time with God this evening, but I feel Him calling me back.

He's got a word for me tonight Siestas. How exciting! I'll share it with you tomorrow!

Thank you everyone for the comments, you're all very very sweet to a cranky Siesta and I love you for it!


Debra said...

this is a good word.