Saturday, July 7, 2007

fun days

Goodness, seems like it's been forever since I've posted! We have been pretty busy the past few days so I haven't had much time to sit and write. We had our first ever family board game night. The boys got to pick out one game each from the store and we came home, made yummy sandwiches and settled in for a night of family fun. We had a blast! The boys loved playing games at the table so much, we'll definatly make this a repeated thing. We topped the night off with some ice cream from Dairy Queen. Can we say chocolate-covered-cherry-blizzard..... oh man, sooooo good! :) We've really been making an effort to make sure we have at least one family night a week since Scott has been working more hours. His schedule is so up and down sometimes it feels like we go days without seeing him. So now more than ever we're realizing the importance of family togetherness time. Even sitting down and watching a movie with the boys seems to bring them more calm and peace. And in turn our relationships with them have grown deeper.

Have you ever felt like you're running from something? And as long as you keep running it won't catch up with you? But if you ever stop, even for a second, it will swallow you whole? I've had that feeling for the past few days and I can't explain why. Like I have to stay one step ahead, but at the same time like I've forgotten something monumental, and it's going to come crashing in on me any second. Almost like a panicked run, but from what I didn't know. Last night when I got to stop and rest with my family, the feeling went away. I didn't have to run, nothing was chasing me. But for the oddest reason, I felt like I was running away from something about to cave in on me. Relax is what the Lord told me. Relax daughter. You're all right. And I did. I'm sure my sigh of relief could be heard for miles. It wasn't something scary chasing me, it was God. He was trying to slow me down, show me what I was missing. Or rather, what I was about to miss. I am so grateful to my Father for stopping me, turning me around and showing me that there was space for me to relax. Stretch out, breathe, have some fun, and enjoy this time with my family. I cherished every minute of it. Even soaked up the times both boys were upset because they couldn't make a match on their memory game. (For a second there I thought my memory had gone! That game is hard!) By the end of the night, we were all laughing and had had a great time together. Another great feat last night... most family nights the television has stayed on if we were at home. Last night, it went off. The only voices heard were our own and there were no intrusions of bad news, weather reports, or indecent commercials. It was just us. Just our family. Sweet sounds of dice rolling, children counting how many spaces to move, and then cheering when they hit a ladder or chute. They're not prefferable, they just like to land on either.

So here's my lesson :) , when you feel like you're being chased, running so fast that you can't stop, fearful of what's behind you, turn and look to the Lord. Listen to what He has to say. He could very well be the one chasing you telling you to turn around and see what you're missing!

Don't lose out. Stop. Turn. Listen. Relax. God is in control, sisters.