Sunday, July 8, 2007


Friends I am so excited! God has stirred something in me that I just can't let go! I am more excited than I have been in a while. Through the whirlwind of scriptures He gave last week, He is giving me something fresh, something new to write on. I have another book idea in my head. While I'll be working on both, this one is going to get done quicker. I can feel it. The research is coming together. I'm going to be perusing more of God's word this week than I ever imagined. It's happening! I'm even able to do the bulk of my source finding on the web and then will spend the better part of this week sorting out what scriptures God wants me to use for what purpose. Oh this is so exciting! Isn't it awesome when God speaks something over you and you get to watch it come about?? I can't wait to dive into my study of His word this week. I'm more excited than ever to keep going! Rest assured, the book of devotions will still be written. God is giving me the peace to work on them both. One He has told me will go much quicker than the other. One is to be done now. The other will take time. I'm okay with that. :) God is good and all things come through Him. I'm just blessed to be on the ride!