Sunday, July 15, 2007


David is really into earning money right now. And not just any money, nickels. He loves them. Does anything he can to get one and then carries it around with him all day. One of his friends at church said they were his favorite coin, and all the sudden they are David's too. Isn't it funny how it works like that? Anyway, so we've been talking about little chores that David can do around the house to earn him an allowance. At the end of the week he'll be able to spend his spoils, after taking out Jesus money of course. When I was explaining this to him, he started asking about Heaven. He wondered how many nickels he'd have in Heaven and what all he could buy. I explained to him that in Heaven there won't be any money because God will provide everything we need. He got very upset and started crying. When I got him calmed down enough to tell me what was wrong, my sweet boy uttered these words....

"That's the saddest thing I've EVER heard mommy! Nickels are my favorite thing in the world!"

It was so cute I had to giggle. Then I told him that maybe God would have a whole bucket of nickels there waiting on him. So to that he said he'd pray and ask God to save up all the nickels in Heaven just for him so that when he got there he could have a bucket full of nickels from God. How precious is that! And it got me to thinking.... will I have a bucket full of coffee beans waiting on me? What will my bucket full of Heavenly goodness be filled with? Chocolate? Scrapbooking treasures? What a fun anticipation!

What do you think will be in your "bucket"?


Leigh Gray said...

and i hope there wil be some cookie cakes as well. cute post, but thought provoking!!

thanks for commenting on my blog. great to have a new friend!!

have a good day!

Little Steps Of Faith said...


Hi:-) Found you on the LPM blog, had to post. You are a writer like myself.

I wanted to tell you what I thought of when I was reading your post.

There is a story about a girl names Christy, she was very poor, and wanted nothing more but to be able to attend sunday school.
basically, she was told by the teacher that there wasn't enough room for her.(judged her appearance), and the Pastor of the church saw her sitting and crying, and he told her what happened. Immediately, the Pastor took her inside and sat her down, and said some words like, " There's enough room for you." and left the room.

Years later, the little girl died, and going through hre room they found a purse with a nickel in it, and a note that read, " This money is for the church, so it can be built big enough for all God's children."

and interesting enough, they purchased more land paying only a nickel.

I thought you would enjoy that.

Be Blessed:)


Shonda said...

Our children can teach us so much! They are precious gifts from God.

I also found you on the LPM blog. I havent announced it, but I'm also called to write about a topic the Lord has brought me through--being a submissive wife.

As newbies in this field, I hope we can keep each other encouraged as we pursue what the Lord has put on our hearts to do for HIM.

Blessings in Christ