Thursday, July 26, 2007


We see them everyday. Everywhere you look, there they are. Bright and pretty, and ready for us to look at. At store's we're overwhelmed with them. Each company doing their best to "sell the product", make it stand out. Think for a moment about all the behind the scenes work that goes into created a label. Teams come up with the concept. Artist draw the sketches. Advertising companies come up with the sales pitch and slogans. Marketing comes up with the commercials and national ads. Ways to get their product noticed and get their image at the fore-front of your brain. All to say, "this is mine, and it's great! better than what's already out there, you NEED to have this."

I am stopping here and praying that this will fall fresh on your ears the way it did mine, because I want you all to experience the bear hug of love I got from my Lord. One that I'm still not ready to be released from. A new understanding of His love is what I've gotten from Him. And again this refreshing came from something silly my boys did, which peaked my interest into labeling things. To God goes the glory for using my sweet "big boys" to teach me yet again how much He loves me, and to teach me how to fall deeper in love with Him.

The boys were given new toy golf clubs from their friend that we babysat for a few weeks. They love them. And although identical in every way, they still argued over whose was whose. Finally my oldest said, "momma, you're just gonna hafta label 'em". We've been here before. So I got out the trusty old Sharpie and went to labeling each tiny piece of each golf set. Putting their name on their 'stuff'. Now when they want to play golf, they carefully inspect the pieces to make sure they each have their own. It's really cute to watch them. And they are very territorial. Neither one can touch the others toy. I've had to do this with a LOT of their toys. They want to know which is theirs. Because they want their own, not someone elses.

It really made me wonder why. What was so important? What was so different about THEIR toy that made them unable to share with each other? They were exactly the same, but each boy held one up higher than the other because it was theirs.

Ever hear of God Stops? Of course many of you have. But I had a different kind of God Stop. He stopped me dead in my tracks and said, "daughter, I wouldn't share you with anyone either". You see, as my boys were dead set on having their OWN. So is God. He wants His own children. So many times I've chosen to step out of God's will, do my own things. Share my 'toys' with someone else. What God made me see was that His name is written on my heart. He does not want to share me with anyone, He wants me all to Himself. To do His will. To be in His sight. To walk in His path. He created me. He formed me. For Him and by Him I remain on this earth. Because He wants me for His good, I still breath. While we are still the same on the outside, on the inside we are much different. We have His markings. We have His love. And the best part about wearing His label? We CAN share it. God doesn't put His sharpie away and only bring it out for the best. He keeps it uncapped and ready for whoever is willing. And not only will He not share us with the enemy, He'll keep us protected under His wing when the enemy wants to swoop in and take us. How awesome is that!

So many earthly labels are too awful to mention. We see someone who's too skinny, overweight, tall, short, pretty, not pretty, talkative, gossipy, mean, shy... etc., and we give them a label. Or people see something in us they don't like and give us a label. How many of those have you allowed yourself to wear? Has someone said something to you or about you that made you give yourself a label? How long will you wear it? Do you shove one off, only to pick up another and put it on your head? How long will you wear it? Take them off sisters. Rip them if you can. They mean nothing. The only label that will make any type of meaningful difference in your life is the label of Christ. Wear that one. Put it on your head, and hold it high. Share it with everyone you meet. Show them how they can have the love of Christ. How long will you wear this label? Forever. Forever and ever and ever. And it didn't take any sketches, marketing, or sales pitches. You see, this label is not written in ink with sparkly letters and pretty pictures. This label is written in blood. A blood that will never wash away. A blood that will turn you white as snow in the eyes of God. This label was written in the shed blood of Jesus Christ.

And it's the only label I ever want to wear.