Monday, July 30, 2007


I don't take change well. Especially where our finances are concerned. Today Scott got news that their pay schedule will be changing at work. While it does come with some options we've been wanting, he'll have to go 18 days without a paycheck. That stinks. We do keep a good budget, but it's still intimidating. In August, the month gas prices seem to soar, we'll have to go 3 extra days before he gets paid. And of course it's coming right when we need to buy school supplies and I'll be going on a short trip at the end of the month. I shouldn't be complaining I know. There are other families that are less fortunate than us and my heart goes out to them. Most people that work in the fast food industry don't get paid enough, and live paycheck-to-paycheck. Seems like making them go 3 more days before getting paid is not the right solution. So I plan on spending much more time on my knees, asking God to righten my heart about the situation and asking Him to provide not only for us, but for the other workers affected by this change. Thanks for "listening" to me. Just knowing this is a safe place to vent makes it better. Please keep this situation in your prayers.


Shonda said...

You are in my prayers. We've been in these type of situations and I promise you that the Lord is faithful to provide.

I'll share one example (I have enough to publish a whole book on God's provision):

One time we were completely out of money, you know the more days than the paycheck. My husband was working nights and I got up to go to the bathroom. We were completely out of toilet paper. Well before going, I paced the house praying for ideas. I asked what they did in days before TP. I got the idea of wash clothes. I'd just have more laundry. Well before I did, my husband showed up and said he found a package on the side of the road and brought it home. Do you know what it was? An unopened package of toilet paper!

This brought me to tears knowing my God cared enough to supply me with toilet paper even when there was another alternative.

God will meet all your needs; He promises.

I hope this encourages you.

Blessings in Christ from your sister in Christ!

Mxlady said...

You know, having your finances messed with, that can be stressful. I feel for you. I don't like anyone to mess with mine either. If I can help let me know.