Friday, July 27, 2007

our flowers

We have flowers. Lots of them! Well lots for us is relative. We have had a hard time with our little 'garden'. We live in an apartment, but lukily upstairs. If my husband couldn't have decorated our patio with lots of plants I don't know what he would do. He upset me early on because I had selected and planted a few flowers that I really liked. He also went to the store after I had potted my plants and found some that he liked. He went to work seperating and re-potting all my work, resulting in a loss of blooms on all of MY pretty flowers! Needless to say I was so upset. And I was SURE he'd killed my flowers. He's been assuring me this whole time that we'd have flowers, they just needed time. I was not happy. I wanted my flowers that I had spent the time and effort on. So we've been at odds with the odd green sticks growing on our patio. Finally (FINALLY!!!!) they began to bloom. He was right. And while the one plant I liked the most still has yet to produce pretty blooms, all the other plants on our patio have produced some of the neatest blooms I've ever seen! So now we're okay. :)

I wanted to share with you some of the pretty-pretties I look at every morning while I talk with God. Enjoy.


Debra said...

very pretty...good photography