Tuesday, July 10, 2007

here we go


We had so much fun! It was a wonderful time! The food came out GREAT! (I'm not biased, I got rave reviews, even from my hard-to-fill kids!) and the conversation just kept right on rolling. The kids had a BLAST playing with their new friend who at one point was knee deep in rescue heroes with a bright yellow construction hat on. She's going to get along great with our boys! :) I'm so excited! It's been WAY to long since we've had friends over for dinner. We're definatly going to have to make this a regular thing! Yay! I'm so so excited! New friends, good food, and a great night. God is so good to me! :)

Oh goodness... We're having people over for dinner. I have not invited anyone to dinner at our house in 4 years. ACK! Not because we haven't wanted to, but because we have a small house. Well there's a really sweet new couple at church and we're watching their daughter for a few weeks and I wanted them to come see the house and get a feel for the place before dropping her off. Just something I'd want to do before leaving my kids for the first time. Anyway, now I'm a nervous nelly! I have really been focusing more on cleaning my house, so it's clean and there's not much to worry about on that end. But what will people think of my home? Clean yes, but what else? Will they like my decor? Will they enjoy my cooking? EEEEKKK!! I know it will all be fine, but there's just something about having people over for the first time that gets at my nerves. So I'll be asking God for calmness today. I'm excited to have some new friends over, and I'm really happy to have people in our home again. So I'm going to hang on to that and not let my nerves get the best of me. I'm even pulling out board games and dusting them off. Oh man, what if they don't like board games?? Lol, pray for me Sistahs'!


Mxlady said...

Please do not worry what people think of your material things. If I am to be judged on material? Well I am a large person so that should keep them busy for a while. You and your family are great people, you do not need to surround yourself with anyone who judges you according to you material stuff. I am sure you will have a great time and they will be at ease with the decision they have made to trust their children with. I would.