Monday, July 23, 2007

pray for me girls

well I am just not in the best of moods today. I'm not having a hard time being motivated to do laundry, but I am having a hard time being motivated to be a focused mother. I feel like I've been inundated with kids for the past month. Is this the "summer-syndrome" all those moms talk about? All I want to do today is curl up, read a good book, and relax. Not possible. The kids are clingy and want to go to McD's. I'm contemplating it. Not sure I wanna take 3 kids to the playplace. But then again, it would keep them busy. Sigh.

I guess I'm just feeling blah. Typical Monday morning blah-ness. Coming down from a really fun Small Group at our house last night, where hubby made some really yummy burgers and we talked Parenting. Then I had a good meeting with the Lord last night and even cleaned off my patio where I can have a more comfy meeting with the Lord tonight. Yesterday was a great day. I love having people over and now that I'm keeping up with the house better, I don't feel so bad about having company. We had a fun time visiting with all our friends and of course Daniels best friend EVER :) came over and they had a blast in the play room with Recue Heroes and Power Rangers, and of course, Dinosaurs. So who wouldn't be tired after juicy burgers, potatoe chips, cookies, watermelon, hot dogs, pink salad, sodas, and friends? I think I'm just wishing my kiddos were just as tired as I am. Then we could all just nap. :)


Little Steps Of Faith said...

Awww...what a post.

Kids were born with much more energy then us lol.

I'm sure you will find something to keep them occupied.

Some ideas(I'm a sub):
1. Have them pretend that they are in an airplane and looking out the window. Tell them to draw what they see on the ground. Remind them that they can't draw something big, but a whole bunch of little things.

2. Make a picture of under the sea, using fabric, and just other little junks. Get the imagination going...

I guess I would have to know their age to help you more. Good Luck!

And thanks for your comment, I do wonder if God had a message for me. Or maybe I just wanted junk food, and God didn't make me feel guilty for it lol. I have no clue.
But goodness it was so real...crazy!

Shonda said...

Hang in there Jen! I didn't read this post until later in the evening. I hope your day went well.

As a homeschool mom, I'm with my children all year round. Sometimes it is just down right exhausting and I dont want to do anything with them. I can totally relate as a mother. Thankfully we have a good neighborhood with lots of children and they pretty much entertain one another now. Maybe next time you can arrange play dates for them on these kinds of days. I hope that helps.

I'll be praying that Tuesday will be a better day for you!